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girls in the classroom; concentrate BOY!

*Name.Age.Location.*Kristina. 14. Illinois
*Sexual Preference*guys.

FAVORITES. [list at least 4]
*Bands, Artists, Singers (such and such)* Bob Marley, Sublime, The Chariot, Fear Before The March Of Flames, G.B.H., The Ramones, Flogging Molly
*Songs* "stir it up" by marley, "Date Rape" by sublime, "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" by the ramones, "Paint It Black" by the rolling stones, "La Camisa Negra" by juanes, "just like heaven" by the cure
*Movies* Fast Times At Ridgemont High, The Goonies, Sid and Nancy, Orange County, Wayne's World
*Books* Blue Is For Nightmares, 12 Days on the road with the sex pistols and america, Kurt Cobain Journals, Making THe Run
*Food* chicken, pepperonni pizza, peanut butter cookies, mashed potatoes, french fries
*Article of clothing* my striped tank top with the lace on it. but i don't have a picture because my camera is being stupid.

LEAST FAVORITE [list atleast 3]
*Bands(do NOT list good charlotte or simple plan, we already know they suck*
*Food* sausage, onions, ham
*Person* Kristina Johnson
*Smell* old lady perfume, abercrombie scents, the scent in aeropostale

what does the word narcissistic. mean to you? conceited people. people who have their head halfway up their ass and only care about theirself.

*Tell us a little about yourself and why you're interesting:* i love raspberry ginger ale. i do a lot of weird things but i always laugh at my own jokes. i don't care what people think of me. i'm not a fan of labels. i do try in school, make fun of me for it.. i don't really care. i prefer few close friends than shitty backstabbers. my friends mean the most to me.
*Make us laugh*
*Promote 2 times and show links!*
*Your feelings about the mods?*
______popsicle: she's really pretty. and i used to have the same power rangers shirt.
teiuqpeek: i love your hair<3
whatshesaidx: i like the tank top in that one picture. and your hair. haha. the pink power ranger was my favorite when i was a little kid
*3+ pictures* me and Jake

nedaa and I
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