Karen?! (cupcakebunnies) wrote in bite_my_face,

I'll love you for this.

Okay, so I'm on Streetwise and am apparently one of the "BEST teamers."
Streetwise is a site that allows you to join street teams where you help them promote movies and music and games and such.

So, I need you all to do me a huge favor and sign up for a Streetwise account and when they ask how you found out, check "other" and enter the code 246.
That's it. You don't have to pay anything, you never have to visit the site again.
Just sign up and I'll get free stuff:
10 sign-ups and you win $25 in Music Cash from Sony Connect
25 sign-ups and you win $100 American Express Gift Card
50 sign-ups and you win a FREE MP3 Player from Sony Connect
...and the TOP-10 members who recruit the most new members win a Sony Play-Station-Portable!

I promise it's a safe site. You have to give your address and such, but they won't send you anything unless you join teams and want stuff. Scout's honor!

Just click THIS.
And enter 246 when they ask how you found out about the site.

Please please please?
I will love you forever. I really want an MP3 player.
and please comment when you did it so I can kinda keep track! <3
If there's anything any of you need me to sign up for, etc., feel free to whore on me.
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